The way of evaluation of cholesterol accepting capacity of plasma high density lipoproteins

Torkhovskaya T.I.1, Ivanova L.I.1, Khalilov E.M.1, Asisova O.A.1, Drinizyna S.V.2, Klyuchnikova Zh.I.1, Markin S.S.2, Ivanov G.G.2

1. Institute of physico-chemical medicine
2. I.M.Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy
Section: Experimental/Clinical Study
PubMed Id: 15707278
Year: 2004  Volume: 50  Issue: 6  Pages: 615-620
The simple way of quantitative evaluation of high density lipoproteins (HDL) capacity to absorb additive cholesterol quantity is proposed. It allows to evaluate indirectly intensity of the first, rate limiting stage of reverse cholesterol transport its accepting from the cells by means of HDL. The way includes the usage of stable artificial cholesterol donor - cholesterol covered inert polymer particles, which are than more convenient, than cell culture use. The total HDL rough fraction (i.e. serum after apoB lipoproteins removal) was shown to include more than 50% cholesterol in addition to yet presenting amount. But this ability is sharply reduced, or sometimes even is completely absent, in HDL of 63 coronary heart disease (CHD) patients (as compared with 41 healthy donors). This difference of potential cholesterol accepting capacity is revealed even at the same initial HDL concentrations. The negative correlation (r = - 0.32, p<0.05) between this HDL property (D HDL cholesterol) and their oxidability in the ions Сu2+ presence was observed. This underlines atherogenic role of HDL oxidability. The treatment of patients by phospholipids (as Lipostabyl) resulted to recovery of HDL cholesterol accepting capacity. The possible mechanisms of junction of this HDL activity with their oxidability are discussed, as well as necessity of evaluation of HDL properties and reverse cholesterol transport for the choice of care strategy of CHD patients.
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Torkhovskaya, T. I., Ivanova, L. I., Khalilov, E. M., Asisova, O. A., Drinizyna, S. V., Klyuchnikova, Zh. I., Markin, S. S., Ivanov, G. G. (2004). The way of evaluation of cholesterol accepting capacity of plasma high density lipoproteins. Biomeditsinskaya Khimiya, 50(6), 615-620.
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