The computer analysis of distant and conservative domains in structure of fibronectins

Fedotov A.V.1 , Ovcharuk I.N.2

1. Moscow State University of Applied Biotechnology
2. Kemerovo State Medical Academy
Section: Experimental/Clinical Study
Year: 2004
It is informed on results of the computer analysis distants and conservative domains in structure multifunctional matrix glicoprotein - fibronectin and the macromolecules of biological liquids connected by it and fabrics. Research is lead with the purpose of an establishment of those kinds of structurally functional and alarm interactions which can be of interest from the point of view of the theory of evolution of domains and also practice of search of algorithms of functions connected with their activity. Such communications can be masked and appear more obviously after their specification transcriptomics or alarm transformation on border fibronectin/integrin transfers of the information. The further completingot the data on such mechanism and the arrangement in the field of methodology and terminology will promote faster solution of this bioinformatics problem
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Keywords: fibronectin, distant and conservative domains, fibronectins type 1,2,3, integrin, domain evolution, RGD-motif

Fedotov, A. V., Ovcharuk, I. N. (2004). The computer analysis of distant and conservative domains in structure of fibronectins. Biomeditsinskaya Khimiya, 50(application 1), 11-15.
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