Database of natural and transgenic luminous microorganisms «Biolumbase»

Medvedeva S.E.1 , Boyandin A.N.1, Lankin Yu.P.1, Kotov D.A.1, Kargatova T.V.1, Rodicheva E.K.1, Popova L.Yu.1

1. Institute of Biophysics SB RAS
Section: Experimental/Clinical Study
Year: 2004
Wide application of bioluminescence as marker attribute in medicine and ecology demands ordering of the information on features of structure and functioning of bioluminescent systems cloned in transgenic microorganisms, and also about characteristics of vectors and strains-carriers. The database containing the information on the structural organization and mechanisms of regulation of genetic bioluminescent systems of known species of luminous bacteria, and also mechanisms of luciferase reactions is developed. Necessary program modules including components of interaction with a database are created. This allows to bring new and to edit the available information
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Medvedeva, S. E., Boyandin, A. N., Lankin, Yu. P., Kotov, D. A., Kargatova, T. V., Rodicheva, E. K., Popova, L. Yu. (2004). Database of natural and transgenic luminous microorganisms «Biolumbase». Biomeditsinskaya khimiya, 50(application 1), 172-179.
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