Biologically inspired information technologies, system biology and competitiveness of Russia

Kalmykov V.L.1 , Kalmykov A.L.2, Kornilov V.V.2

1. Institute of cell biophysics RAS
2. Pushchino scientific centre RAS
Section: Experimental/Clinical Study
Year: 2004
A conclusion is made on the basis of the analysis of materials of Internet, that one of the major reserves of the further increase of competitiveness of Russia based on the development of biologically inspired information technologies. In the given context it is possible to allocate three basic lines of the most perspective researches in the field of life sciences: 1. A system biology = genomics + protenomics + membranomics + decoding of the network information of integration of complex biological systems (physiomics, integrated bioinformatics, generalized physico-mathematical theory of life). 2. Biology as an information science. All spheres of live are based on information processes and have uniform specific logic of the organization and evolution - from biomolecules up to computers. Studying of this logic is one of the main goals of life sciences. 3. Bioengineering, biomaterials, biosensors, bioelectronics. New, most effective decisions of scientific and applied problems frequently arise as result of connection and mutually complements by each other of earlier untied ideas, of technical and technological blocks from various disciplines. Qualitative transition of knowledge as a result of such interdisciplinary researches is similar to the invention and frequently leads to to integration of knowledge at new, higher level. Life sciences have special value in interdisciplinary researches. It is connected with that that they are most interdisciplinary. Special value has also what from biologically inspired approaches is expected the basic contribution to the further development of information technologies and robotics. For creation of new biologically inspired information technologies it is necessary to carry out special analytical and research activity on creation of the generalized physico-mathematical theory of live. The state, which government can find of ideas, means, the staff and organizational opportunities for realization of the project of creation of full-function system of an artificial intellect (Strong Artificial Intelligence) apparently, will take leading strategic position in the modern world.
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Kalmykov, V. L., Kalmykov, A. L., Kornilov, V. V. (2004). Biologically inspired information technologies, system biology and competitiveness of Russia. Biomeditsinskaya Khimiya, 50(application 1), 195-203.
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