The estimation of the antioxidant activity of lacrimal fluid

Gritsuk A.I.1 , Sirota T.V.2 , Dravitsa L.V.1, Craddock E.A.1

1. Gomel State Medical University, Ministry of Health of Republic Belarus
2. Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Biophysics, Russian Academy of Sciences
Section: Experimental/Clinical Study
PubMed Id: 17288252
Year: 2006  Volume: 52  Issue: 6  Pages: 601-607
A new approach for evaluation of the antioxidant activity of lacrimal fluid (LF) has been proposed. It is based on the method of the analysis of the antioxidant activity of blood and superoxide dismutase activity (Sirota T.V., 1999). In the present work, the method has been first used for examining the antioxidant properties of LF, which is estimated by the ability of LF to inhibit or activate the rate of adrenaline autooxidation in an alkaline medium. The method does not require expensive reagents and equipment; it is simple, accessible, and highly informative. LF of practically healthy people possesses a marked antioxidant activity. In people with symptoms of acute respiratory virus infections, complete loss of the antioxidant activity of LF and the appearance of prooxidant activity were observed. In people taking polyvitamins in prophylactic doses, a significant increase in the antioxidant activity of LF was observed. This method may be applicable in ophthalmology for the diagnosis, control of treatment efficiency, and prognosis of eye diseases.
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Keywords: lacrimal fluid, autooxidation of adrenaline, superoxide, antioxidant activity, prooxidant activity

Gritsuk, A. I., Sirota, T. V., Dravitsa, L. V., Craddock, E. A. (2006). The estimation of the antioxidant activity of lacrimal fluid. Biomeditsinskaya Khimiya, 52(6), 601-607.
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