Characteristic of changes in lipid of granular fibrous tissue in rats at various dozes and modes of melatonin administration

Kozeltsev V.L.1, Volodina T.V.1, Guseva V.V.2, Kostyk N.V.3

1. Research and Training Centre for Biomedical Technology, VILAR
2. State Moscow Dental Surgery University
3. Tver State University, Chair of Biomedicine
Section: Experimental/Clinical Study
UDK: 577.169+577.125+616-001.4      PubMed Id: 17436684
Year: 2007  Volume: 53  Issue: 1  Pages: 50-56
The experimental data indicate that melatonin actively influences time-causes of changes of lipid content in rats tissue during the inflammation process. Its effect depends on a dose, modes of administration (intraperitonial, hypodermic or local) and duration of treatment. A single dose intraperitonial administration of melatonin (4 mg/kg) did not influence lipid content in the granular-fibrose tissue, while repeated injections of this hormone limited the increase in contents of lipids and phospholipids at the 5th and 8th days of regeneration. Long-term subcutaneous injections of melatonin caused distinct changes of lipids: at the dose of 0.3 mg/kg it prevented, and at the dose of 4 mg/kg it promoted the increase of lipid content in the granular-fibrose tissue. Local application of a melatonin solution (1.5 mg/ml) at early periods of regeneration caused insignificant changes of total lipids and total phospholipids in the granular-fibrose tissue. However, the higher concentration (15 mg/ml) of melatonin caused the decrease of total lipids due to reduced content of cholesterol and triglycerides and the increase of total phospholipids and some of their fractions.
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Kozeltsev V.L., Volodina T.V., Guseva V.V., Kostyk N.V. (2007) Biomeditsinskaya khimiya, 53(1), 50-56.
This paper is also available as the English translation:10.1134/S1990750807030079
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