Adenylate level and lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) in the sympathetic ganglion: the effect of n-cholinergic blockade

Gorelikov P.L.1 , Saveliev S.V.1

1. Institute of Human Morphology, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences
Section: Experimental/Clinical Study
UDK: 612.89.03      PubMed Id: 17722579
Year: 2007  Volume: 53  Issue: 3  Pages: 290-296
Activity of LDH isoenzymes and the level of ATP, ADP, and AMP were determined in the rabbit superior cervical sympathetic ganglion under conditions of experimentally induced partial or total blockade of N-cholinergic (N-CE) synapses. This blockade changed the spectrum of LDH isoenzymes: partial blockade was accompanied by disappearance of LDH-4 and LDH-5; total blockade also caused disappearance of LDH-3. LDH-1 and LDH-2 that remained in the isoenzyme spectrum as well as total LDH activity decreased significantly. Under conditions of total N-CE blockade total activity of LDH represented 9% of control, whereas activity of LDH-1 and LDH-2 represented 16% of control. ATP content decreased by 53 and 93% under conditions of partial and total N-CE blockade, respectively. The levels of ADP and AMP decreased by 33 and 65 and 80 and 56%, respectively. Results of the present study suggest that activity of N-CE synapses is a crucial factor involved into the energy homeostasis of the sympathetic ganglion.
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Gorelikov P.L., Saveliev S.V. (2007) Biomeditsinskaya khimiya, 53(3), 290-296.
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