Assessment of some oxidative stress parameters in bronchial asthma patients beyond add-on selenium supplementation

Voicehovska J.G.1 , Shkesters A.1, Orlikov G.A.1, Silova A.A.2, Rusakova N.J.2, Larmane L.T.2, Karpov J.G.1, Ivanov A.D.1, Maulinsh E.3

1. Department of Internal Diseases, P. Stradina University
2. Laboratory of Biochemistry, P. Stradina University
3. Allergology/Pulmonology center, Clinical University P. Stradina Hospital
Section: Experimental/Clinical Study
PubMed Id: 18078072
Year: 2007  Volume: 53  Issue: 5  Pages: 577-584
The goal of this study was to investigate the effect of selenium deficit replenishment in patients with bronchial asthma (BA) on manifestations of oxidative stress and conditions of the antioxidant system (AOS).The need of correction of selenium deficit in BA-patient is determined by increased needs in antioxidants due to chronic inflammatory process responcible for pathogenesis of BA.Latvia and also Eastern Finland, Byelorussia, some regions of Ucraine, some regions of the North-Western Russia, New Zealand belong to endemic areas with marked selen deficit in soils and foodstuff.Twenty patients (7 men and 13 women) with selen deficit and verified diagnosis of BA have been examined. In addition to basic therapy all patients received organic selen SelenoPRECISE, ("PharmaNord") 200 μg daily for 16 weeks. This caused statistically significant increase of plasma selen from 50.94±7.58 μg/l to 63.59±10.87 μg/l (p<0.001), the increase of selen-dependent glutathione peroxidase (from 38.64±10.72 U/g Hb to 58.57±14.64 U/g Hb, p<0.001). Treatment of patients with selen also normalized parameters charecterizing oxidative stress (chemiluminescence).The use of selen in addition to basic therapy allows to abolish or alternate manifestations of oxidative stress by correcting the antioxidant system.
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Keywords: bronchial asthma, inflammation, oxidative stress, selenium

Voicehovska, J. G., Shkesters, A., Orlikov, G. A., Silova, A. A., Rusakova, N. J., Larmane, L. T., Karpov, J. G., Ivanov, A. D., Maulinsh, E. (2007). Assessment of some oxidative stress parameters in bronchial asthma patients beyond add-on selenium supplementation. Biomeditsinskaya Khimiya, 53(5), 577-584.
This paper is also available as the English translation: 10.1134/S1990750808020108
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