Zinc and copper blood plasma and erythrocyte value in adolescent with the different types of pathology

Vasilieva E.M.1 , Bakanov M.I.1, Spitchac T.V.1, Simonova O.I.1, Polyakova S.I.1, Surganova A.A.1, Kuprijanova O.O.1, Gorelova J.Y.1, Plats-Koldobenko A.N.1, Baranovskaya J.V.1, Gorinova J.V.1

1. SI Scientific Center of Children Health RAMN
Section: Experimental/Clinical Study
PubMed Id: 19507345
Year: 2009  Volume: 55  Issue: 2  Pages: 213-218
Comparative analysis the value of the cation of zinc and copper in the blood plasma and erythrocytes were performed in the different diseases in children and adolescent. The patients with bronchopulmonary diseases, liver diseases, low cardiovascular malformation and growth inhibition were examined. Increase the value of the intracellular zinc and copper was detected in patients with the definite bronchopulmonary diseases, which can on the one hand, reflected the activation of the antioxidant protection system and by another hand, reflected destructive metalloproteinase. Decrease the value of the intracellular copper in bronchopulmonary patients with the lung emphysema and Kartagnera syndrome indicate about the falure of the compensatory reactions and needs the additional investigation. It was detected that copper content in the blood plasma and the copper accumulation in erythrocyte were decrease in patients with liver diseases in comparison with the health children. The increase of copper value in erythrocyte in children with low cardiovascular malformation was detected and need the additional investigation. In children with the growth inhibition was detected appreciable decrease the value of the free zinc and copper ions in erythrocytes and copper in the blood plasma, which can explained the physical developmental lagging.
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Keywords: zinc, copper, erythrocyte, pathology

Vasilieva, E. M., Bakanov, M. I., Spitchac, T. V., Simonova, O. I., Polyakova, S. I., Surganova, A. A., Kuprijanova, O. O., Gorelova, J. Y., Plats-Koldobenko, A. N., Baranovskaya, J. V., Gorinova, J. V. (2009). Zinc and copper blood plasma and erythrocyte value in adolescent with the different types of pathology. Biomeditsinskaya Khimiya, 55(2), 213-218.
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