Molecular mechanisms of genetic damages of the myocardium in cardiomyopathy

Hasanov A.G.1, Bershova T.V.1, Basargina E.N.1, Bakanov M.I.1

1. Scientific Center of Children's Health of Russian Academy of Medical Sciences
Section: Review
DOI: 10.18097/pbmc20105603319      PubMed Id: 20695211
Year: 2010  Volume: 56  Issue: 3  Pages: 319-328
The review highlighted problems of reorganization of myocardical contractile and cytoskeletal proteins in cardiomyopathy (CM). The role of the genetic factors coding contractile proteins, proteins of thin and thick filaments, and also extracellular matrix proteins in processes of formation and development of hypertrophic (HCM) and dilated (DCM) cardiomyopathy are analyzed. The mechanisms responsible for the changes in cardiac proteins on regulation involved into force generation, its transfer, recycling ATP, impairments in transmembranal signals, that finally lead to cardiac cell dysfunction determining various manifestations of CM are considered.
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Keywords: chronic heart failure, cardiac disease, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, dilated cardiomyopathy, mutation of genes

Hasanov, A. G., Bershova, T. V., Basargina, E. N., Bakanov, M. I. (2010). Molecular mechanisms of genetic damages of the myocardium in cardiomyopathy. Biomeditsinskaya khimiya, 56(3), 319-328.
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