Brutto-law of ozone decomposition in physiologic solutions and a method of evaluation of ozone dose really introduced to paitients together with solution volume

Razumovskii S.D.1 , Konstantinova M.L.1, Grinevich T.V.2, Korovina G.V.2, Zaitsev V.Ya.3

1. N.M. Emanuel Institute of Biochemical Physics Russian Academy of Sciences
2. N.N. Semenov Institute of Chemical Physics, RAS
3. "Medozone" Ltd
Section: Experimental/Clinical Study
DOI: 10.18097/pbmc20105603380      UDK: 541.127      PubMed Id: 20695217
Year: 2010  Volume: 56  Issue: 3  Pages: 380-386
Ozone solutions in water and in NaCl solutions found are widely used in technology and medicine. Some times ozone employment meets difficulties due to instability of ozone in solution. The paper describes the results of study of ozone decomposition prepared using solutions in distilled water, solutions of NaCl in water, including physiologic solutions from different manufacturers. Also it was proposed the reaction mechanisms explained influence of OH- and Cl- ions on the decomposition rate. Experimental follow the monomolecular law and are described by a straight line in lg(Ct/C0) = f(t) coordinates. It can be used as a basis for a new method of evaluation of real ozone doze introduced to patients.
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Razumovskii S.D., Konstantinova M.L., Grinevich T.V., Korovina G.V., Zaitsev V.Ya. (2010) Biomeditsinskaya khimiya, 56(3), 380-386.
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