The metabolic activity of neutrophils and monocytes as the model for the study of the organism biocompatibility with different materials

Plekhova N.G.1 , Somova L.M.1, Puzdaev V.I.1, Drobot E.I.1

1. Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology, SB RAMS
Section: Experimental/Clinical Study
DOI: 10.18097/pbmc20115701085      UDK: 57.086.833: 576.121: 577.15      PubMed Id: 21516780
Year: 2011  Volume: 57  Issue: 1  Pages: 85-94
In stimulated status neutrophils and monocytes in the foci of introduction the different materials are capable to excrete of biologically active substances by means of which if influence on processes of reparation. The express changes of blood leukocytes activity in response on the introduction of stimulated agents are assume as a basis of the proposed model of the organism biocompatibility with different materials. On example of the influence of different materials (ceramics, titanium, latex, surgical steel and copper), from which can be made implant and surgical instruments it was showed that the leukocytes were showed the different reaction of enzyme systems. This model allows the completely and objectively to study the influence of different materials on the neutrophyls and monocytes - the effected cells of the inflammatory process. Moreover, the activity of cation proteins and plasma membrane enzymes of leukocytes is the most expressed factor.
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Plekhova N.G., Somova L.M., Puzdaev V.I., Drobot E.I. (2011) Biomeditsinskaya khimiya, 57(1), 85-94.
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