The diagnostic value of RNA oncomarkers in evaluation of malignant breast tumors

Globa A.G.1 , Alekseev Y.I.1, Varlamov D.A.1, Vishnevsky A.A.2

1. Institute of Agricultural Biotechnology, Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences, ZAO Sintol
2. Vishnevsky Institute of Surgery
Section: Short Communication
DOI: 10.18097/pbmc20115706677      PubMed Id: 22359925
Year: 2011  Volume: 57  Issue: 6  Pages: 677-680
The levels of the RNA oncomarkers, telomerase (hTERT), cytokeratin-19 (CK-19) and mammaglobin (MAM) have been investigated in capillary blood of female patients with mammary ductal carcinoma. The study revealed overexpression of all three factors in patients with this pathology. This overexpression was not found in healthy donors and female patients with mammary fibroadenoma. Levels of the RNA oncomarkers return to the normal level within 10 days after successful tumor resection. These results have been used for the development of diagnostic kits, which may be applicable for differential diagnostics, screening and postoperation monitoring of patients with malignant breast tumors
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Keywords: Polymerase chain reaction, telomerase, mammaglobin, oncomarkers, carcinoma

Globa, A. G., Alekseev, Y. I., Varlamov, D. A., Vishnevsky, A. A. (2011). The diagnostic value of RNA oncomarkers in evaluation of malignant breast tumors. Biomeditsinskaya khimiya, 57(6), 677-680.
This paper is also available as the English translation: 10.1134/S1990750812020060
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