The change in the structural and functional organization of the guerin's carcinoma cytochrome part of respiratory chain in tumor carriers in the conditions of preliminary low-level irradiation

Voloshchuk O.N.1 , Marchenko M.M.1, Mudrak M.C.1

1. Fedkovych Chernovtsi National University
Section: Experimental/Clinical Study
DOI: 10.18097/pbmc20125806684      UDK: 616-006.6: 576.311+577.113      PubMed Id: 23350200
Year: 2012  Volume: 58  Issue: 6  Pages: 684-690
The effect of low-level irradiation of tumor-bearing rats on the structural and functional organization of the cytochrome part of respiratory chain of mitochondria isolated from Guerin's carcinoma has been investigated.The maximal reduction in the mitochondrial cytochromes a, b and c content was observed at the terminal stage of Guerin's carcinoma. A low-level irradiation during initial stages of oncogenesis produced opposite changes in the mitochondrial cytochrome content.The possible mechanism of mitochondrial haem-containing cytochromes content reduction may be attributed to impairment in their formation caused by inhibition of the key enzyme of haem synthesis, 5-aminolevulinate synthase.The determined changes of the mitochondrial cytochromes quantitative content were accompanied by decreased activity of cytochrome oxidase. The preliminary low-level irradiation of the tumor-bearing animals produced further reduction in the cytochrome oxidase activity observed in all experimental periods.
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Voloshchuk O.N., Marchenko M.M., Mudrak M.C. (2012) Biomeditsinskaya khimiya, 58(6), 684-690.
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