Dynamics of rat blood serum biochemical parameters under malignant growth in condition of the antioxidant substance “greenization GREEN R” introduction

Raetska Ya.B.1 , Ischuk T.V.1, Ostapchenko L.I.1

1. Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, ESC “The Institute of Biology”
Section: Experimental/Clinical Study
DOI: 10.18097/pbmc20135906693      UDK: 577.112.083:616.33-002.44      PubMed Id: 24511681
Year: 2013  Volume: 59  Issue: 6  Pages: 693-699
Under malignant growth, the alterations of blood serum biochemical parameters including activity of studied enzymes were observed. The drug “Grinization GRIN R” was shown to stabilize the tumor growth of Guerin’s carcinoma as well as biochemical parameters in the range close to normal values. The changes of protein metabolism parameters appeared to be significant. Also the considerable changes of AST and ALT activities were demonstrated. In the case, there was significant difference between the groups studied (р<0.05). Administration of rats with drug “Grinization Grin R” in different doses led to decreasing of average tumor volume in dynamics. Increasing and normalization of total protein level in rats with Guerin’s carcinoma was established under “Grinization GRIN” administration in doses 115 mg/kg and 270 mg/kg. The meaning of albumin concentration approached to physiological normal value under “Grinization GRIN” administration in dose 270 mg/kg. Meanwhile AST and ALT activities were approaching to normal values in rats with Guerin’s carcinoma under “Grinization GRIN” administration in dose 270 mg/kg. Such effects were observed mainly at the 18th and 23th days after tumor inoculation in comparison with tumor control (Guerin's carcinoma) values.
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Raetska Ya.B., Ischuk T.V., Ostapchenko L.I. (2013) Biomeditsinskaya khimiya, 59(6), 693-699.
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