Effect of sliding discharge on proliferation and death of brain microvessel endothelial cells in vitro

Muradyan G.A.1, Gudkova E.S.1, Khilazheva E.D.1, Morgun A.V.1, Malinovskaya N.A.1, Salmina A.B.1, Salmin V.V.1

1. Prof. V.F. Voino-Yasenetsky Krasnoyarsk State Medical University, Krasnoyarsk, Russia
Section: Experimental Study
DOI: 10.18097/PBMC20216702150      PubMed Id: 33860772
Year: 2021  Volume: 67  Issue: 2  Pages: 150-157
The dose-dependent effects of plasma exposure to a unipolar nanosecond sliding discharge over the surface of the culture medium in a closed plate on the cells of cerebral endothelium in vitro were studied. Using a 24-well plate, the surface plasma energy density of one pulse was 360 μJ/cm2 at a pulse frequency of 100 Hz. It has been shown that in the creeping discharge plasma there is an active excitation of air molecules, the formation of positive nitrogen and oxygen ions, and the formation of carbon monoxide. In the dose density range of 0-32 J/cm2, the dose-dependent effects were assessed in the 4-12 h post-radiation period. Cell death was analyzed with an assessment of the total number of cells, necrotic cells, cells in apoptosis (phosphatidylserine externalization, internucleosomal DNA fragmentation) and their proliferative activity (Ki67-immunopositive cells). A preliminary assessment of subtle dose-dependent effects indicates the peculiarities of the effect of small doses <1 J/cm2. In particular, the observed stimulation of proliferative activity, which is significant in comparison with the control, and the predominance of apoptosis over necrosis, is consistent with the concept of the molecular mechanisms of action of reactive oxygen species and reactive nitrogen species generated by cold plasma on cells.
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Keywords: non-equilibrium plasma, reactive oxygen species, cerebral endothelium, proliferation, apoptosis, necrosis

Muradyan, G. A., Gudkova, E. S., Khilazheva, E. D., Morgun, A. V., Malinovskaya, N. A., Salmina, A. B., Salmin, V. V. (2021). Effect of sliding discharge on proliferation and death of brain microvessel endothelial cells in vitro. Biomeditsinskaya Khimiya, 67(2), 150-157.
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