Altered serum levels of neuronal proteins and antibodies to them in occupational diseases of the nervous system

Bodienkova G.M.1 , Boklazhenko E.V.1

1. East-Siberian Institute of Medical and Ecological Research, Angarsk, Russia
Section: Clinical and Diagnostic Research
DOI: 10.18097/PBMC20247002109      PubMed Id: 38711410
Year: 2024  Volume: 70  Issue: 2  Pages: 109-113
Aclinical and immunological examination of men with occupational pathology, including vibration disease (VD), occupational sensorineural hearing loss (SHL), and chronic mercury intoxication (CMI), was carried out. The comparison group consisted of men comparable in age and total work experience. Serum concentrations of neurotrophins (S100β, MBP, BDNF) and antibodies (ABs) to S100β and MBP proteins were determined by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay. An increase in the level of the S100β protein was shown in CMI, VD, and a tendency for its increase was found in SHL. In parallel, an increase in AB to the S100β protein in VD and SHL and a decrease in AB in CMI were noted. A comparative assessment of MBP levels indicated a pronounced increase in its serum concentrations in patients with CMI and VD versus the comparison group. At the same time, an increase in the level of serum ABs to MBP in individuals with VD and SHL, and a decrease in patients with CMI were noted. In patients with CMI, a significant decrease in the BDNF concentration was found, while in SHL and VD, no statistically significant differences were found in comparison with the comparison group. The results obtained confirm importance of assessing serum concentrations of neurotrophic proteins and ABs to them in the case of occupational damage to the nervous system caused by exposure to physical and chemical factors.
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Keywords: chronic mercury intoxication, professional sensorineural hearing loss, vibration disease, neurotrophic proteins, autoantibodies, diagnostic significance

Bodienkova, G. M., Boklazhenko, E. V. (2024). Altered serum levels of neuronal proteins and antibodies to them in occupational diseases of the nervous system. Biomeditsinskaya Khimiya, 70(2), 109-113.
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