Hypokinesia, nutrition and lipid metabolism. The effect of protein-vitamin deficiency on serum lipids and lipoproteins in hypokinesia

Abdraimova S.M., Koshkenbaev B.Kh., Maksimenko V.B., Tazhibaev Sh.S.
PubMed Id: 4090370
Year: 1985  Volume: 31  Issue: 5  Pages: 87-91
Distinct alterations in the reactions responsible for development of lipoprotein hydrophobic nuclei was observed in rat of the August strain maintained for 60 days under conditions of hypokinesia on a ration, containing wheat gluten as a protein source and deficient in retinol, tocopherol and ascorbic acid. Under these conditions the ratio of activities of lipoprotein lipase and liver triglyceride lipase was altered; acylglycerols were accumulated in lipoproteins of low and very low density. Besides, cholesterol esters and their fractions were increased both in blood serum and in individual classes of lipoproteins. Increase in content of cholesterol bound with arachidonic and linolenic acids in lipoproteins of very low density was a typical pattern developing due to hypokinesia in animals maintained on various experimental diets.
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Abdraimova S.M., Koshkenbaev B.Kh., Maksimenko V.B., Tazhibaev Sh.S. (1985) Voprosy meditsinskoi khimii, 31(5), 87-91.
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