Anti-oxidant activity and tissue accumulation of tocopherols from a new source

Nadirov N.K., Lenskaia E.G., Sagindykova S.E., Tokmurzin Z.U., Aĭdarkhanov B.B.
PubMed Id: 3755265
Year: 1986  Volume: 32  Issue: 3  Pages: 41-45
Properties of a tocopherol concentrate, obtained from side products of cotton oil treatment containing alpha-tocopherol and other isomers of vitamin E and carotinoids at high concentrations, were studied in vivo and in vitro. The concentrate exhibited higher antioxidative activity in reaction with 2,2'-diphenyl-1-picrylhydrazine and inhibited lipid peroxidation in liver microsomes similarly to synthetic alpha-tocopherol. After addition of the concentrate to rat ration at a dose of 100 IU of vitamin E per 100 g of food the animals accumulated tocopherol from this source in the same way as it was observed for the synthetic preparation (liver, heart, lung) or at the higher level (kidney, brain, fatty tissue). Consumption of the concentrate was decreased after its emulsification. Contribution of gamma-tocopherol to antiradical effect of the tocopherol concentrate and to stabilization of the membrane lipid moiety is discussed.
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Nadirov, N. K., Lenskaia, E. G., Sagindykova, S. E., Tokmurzin, Z. U., Aĭdarkhanov, B. B. (1986). Anti-oxidant activity and tissue accumulation of tocopherols from a new source. Voprosy Meditsinskoi Khimii, 32(3), 41-45.
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