Protein kinase activity and cAMP level in gastric mucosa in non-neoplastic diseases

Grozdova I.D., Klimov N.P., Mamaeva E.G., Krekhnov B.V., Sveshnikova E.V., Ivashkin V.T., Vasil'ev V.Iu., Severin E.S.
PubMed Id: 2560873
Year: 1989  Volume: 35  Issue: 6  Pages: 83-87
Activity of cAMP-dependent and -independent protein kinases as well as content of cAMP were studied in biopsy preparations of gastric mucosal membranes obtained from patients with superficial gastritis, erosion, ulcer, adenomatous polyps and ulcer after treatment with laser irradiation. All the patterns studied were similar in preparations of adenomatous polyps and normal mucosal membrane. Activity of cAMP-independent protein kinases was increased under conditions of erosion, ulcer, gastroduodenal reflux and, especially, in ulcer tissue treated with laser. However, the ratio between cAMP-independent and -dependent phosphorylation was increased only in 50% of ulcerous diseases and in gastroduodenal reflux. The equilibrium of cAMP-dependent and -independent phosphorylation was not altered in the other impairments studied even though benign proliferation was stimulated using laser irradiation.
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Grozdova, I. D., Klimov, N. P., Mamaeva, E. G., Krekhnov, B. V., Sveshnikova, E. V., Ivashkin, V. T., Vasil'ev, V. Iu., Severin, E. S. (1989). Protein kinase activity and cAMP level in gastric mucosa in non-neoplastic diseases. Voprosy Meditsinskoi Khimii, 35(6), 83-87.
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