14C-adenine incorporation into neurons and glia of the cerebral cortex of rats after hypoxia and transplantation of embryonal nerve tissue

Vitvitskiĭ V.N., Timonin A.V.
PubMed Id: 1693021
Year: 1990  Volume: 36  Issue: 1  Pages: 63-65
Incorporation of 14C-adenine (imp/min per mg) into RNA of brain tissue and into fractions of neurones and glial cells of cerebral cortex was studied rats with diffuse damage (hypoxia), with local injury of brain tissue and after transplantation of embryonal nervous tissue. The diffuse damage decreased a number of cells in the fraction enriched with neurones and, therefore, diminished incorporation of the marker into the whole preparation. No significant changes was found in a number of glial cells. Uptake of adenosine per mass unit of glial RNA was increased, while it remained unchanged in neurones. Local injury of cerebral cortex simultaneously with hypoxia resulted in an increase of cells amount in the fraction of neurones. At the same time, incorporation of the marker into RNA of both neurones and glial cells was increased. Transplantation of embryonal nervous tissue into cortex of adult rats with hypoxia normalized the ration neurone/glia as well as the rate of the marker incorporation into glial cells and neurones.
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Vitvitskiĭ V.N., Timonin A.V. (1990) Voprosy meditsinskoi khimii, 36(1), 63-65.
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