Serum level of various biologically active substances and their connection with vessel permeability in hemorrhagic fever with kidney syndrome

Fedorchenko I.L.
PubMed Id: 1684681
Year: 1991  Volume: 37  Issue: 5  Pages: 70-72
Content of total free serotonin, histamine, kallikrein and prekallikrein was studied in blood of 45 patients with hemorrhagic fever accompanied by kidney syndrome; vessel permeability was also evaluated by means of radiological procedure. Analysis of correlation between vessel permeability and content of these biologically active substances in blood was carried out. Content of kallikrein was distinctly increased in blood plasma of the patients; content of serotonin and histamine was less markedly altered. Vessel permeability was elevated during all the disease periods; it was especially high in the period of oligoanuria. Analysis of the data obtained showed that an increase in vessel permeability correlated most distinctly with augmented content of kallikrein in the blood, while correlation between vessel permeability and content of histamine and free serotonin was less distinct.
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Fedorchenko I.L. (1991) Voprosy meditsinskoi khimii, 37(5), 70-72.
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