The role of the constitutional features and rearrangement of the H-ras 1 oncogene in the development of human lung cancer

Nikiforova I.F., Maksimishina M.G., Lemekhov V.G., Kniazev P.G.
PubMed Id: 1687495
Year: 1991  Volume: 37  Issue: 6  Pages: 64-68
Length polymorphism of restriction fragments of oncogene HRASI was studied in 52 patients with lung cancer as compared with corresponding normal tissues and leukocytes of these patients and of healthy volunteers. Enhanced frequency of one of main alleles of HRASI A4 was found to correlate with development of the disease aggressive symptoms. Alterations in the HRASI locus of tumoral DNA appear to correlate distinctly with the elevate frequency of the allele (P less than 0.01). Relationship between the allele A4 and active metastases spreading in lung cancer of the III-IV stages as well as specific rearrangements as a result of which allele A4 maintained unaltered or even amplified in carcinomas enabled to suggest that the allele A4 of HRASI oncogene serves as an endogenous risk factor in impairment with non-small cellular lung cancer in addition to typical exogenous factors such as smoking.
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Nikiforova I.F., Maksimishina M.G., Lemekhov V.G., Kniazev P.G. (1991) Voprosy meditsinskoi khimii, 37(6), 64-68.
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