Experimental basis for the use of vitamins in the multimodal treatment of stomatological diseases

Pakhomova V.A., Beloklitskaia G.F., Den'ga O.V., Protunkevich O.O.
PubMed Id: 1462507
Year: 1992  Volume: 38  Issue: 4  Pages: 57-60
The "Aerovit" vitamin complex prevents metabolic acidosis development and increased the rate of oxidation in tissues, which is accompanied by predominance of oxidized metabolites of glycolysis and Krebs cycles, by activation of their key enzymes as well as by an increase in the ratio of SH/SS-groups in water-soluble protein and low molecular weight fractions, by a decrease in activity of lipase. At the same time, patterns of acid-alkaline equilibrium were normalized in blood. Preventive effect of the vitamin complex was noted in treatment of the diseases accompanied by acidosis; in parodontitis the vitamins suppressed the atrophy of maxillary alveolar bone structures, normalized the acid-alkaline equilibrium in blood and decreased the rate of metabolic acidosis in liver and bone tissues.
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Pakhomova V.A., Beloklitskaia G.F., Den'ga O.V., Protunkevich O.O. (1992) Voprosy meditsinskoi khimii, 38(4), 57-60.
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