Characteristics of the lipid composition of atherogenic and anti-atherogenic serum lipoproteins in patients with bronchial asthma

Lizenko M.V., Petrovskiĭ V.I., Kotenko T.V., Regerand T.I.
PubMed Id: 8122412
Year: 1994  Volume: 40  Issue: 1  Pages: 41-44
Complete lipid composition was estimated in both atherogenic lipoproteins of low density (LDL) and in antiatherogenic lipoproteins of high density HDL2 and HDL3 subfractions isolated from blood serum of 25 healthy volunteers and of 40 patients with bronchial asthma; ultracentrifugation, thin-layer chromatography and spectrophotometry were used in experiments. Development of bronchial asthma was accompanied by district impairments in the spectrum of structure containing lipids especially due to decrease in content of lecithin in LDL and HDL2, of phosphatidic acid in LDL and in the HDL fractions; both these lipids are main constituents of the surfactant system in the respiratory tract. Besides, metabolism of cholesterol was also impaired, while cholesterol esters were redistributed between various lipoproteins, thus total cholesterol was increased in LDL and HDL3; however, cholesterol coefficient in the patients maintained within the same limits as compared with that of donors.
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Lizenko M.V., Petrovskiĭ V.I., Kotenko T.V., Regerand T.I. (1994) Voprosy meditsinskoi khimii, 40(1), 41-44.
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