Study of heat-protective effects of bromantane at various levels of overheating

Badyshtov B.A., Losev A.S., Makhnycheva A.L., Barchukov V.G., Sytnik S.I., Pastushenkov V.A., Kolotilinskaia N.V., Mironov S.A., Morozov I.S., Seredenin S.B.
PubMed Id: 7793100
Year: 1995  Volume: 41  Issue: 2  Pages: 54-57
The thermoprotective properties of bromantane were studied during overheating. Simultaneously with the known effects on heat exchange and sensitivity to high temperatures bromantane caused a decrease in ranges of heat tolerance, increased the rate of SVTK growth as well as altered protein metabolism and antioxidant protection and also affected the autonomic regulation of heat exchange which were essential in adaptation. At the same time, during ergothermal loading accompanied by any troubles in evaporation and heat exchange, marked thermoprotective efficiency of bromantane was compared for its ability to improve muscle dynamometry and hemodynamics as compared with control values.
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Badyshtov, B. A., Losev, A. S., Makhnycheva, A. L., Barchukov, V. G., Sytnik, S. I., Pastushenkov, V. A., Kolotilinskaia, N. V., Mironov, S. A., Morozov, I. S., Seredenin, S. B. (1995). Study of heat-protective effects of bromantane at various levels of overheating. Voprosy Meditsinskoi Khimii, 41(2), 54-57.
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