Interaction of b 1 subunit of G proteins with actin cytoskeleton

Grishin A.V., Gerasimovskaya E.V., Starikova M.G., Panchenko M. P., Nickashin A. V., Tkachuk V. A.
PubMed Id: 9845921
Year: 1998  Volume: 44  Issue: 4  Pages: 347-352
Using immunoblotting with specific antibodies, we have identified b1- and b 2-subunits of Gi-proteins in membrane andcytosolic fractions of pig lung. It has been shown that b1-subunit is present both in membrane and cytosolic fractions, whereas b2-subunit is associated only with membranes. Activation of membrane-bound G proteins withnon-hydrolisable GTP analogues have led to partial release from membrane of b 1-, but not b 2-subunits. Whendepolimerisation of F-actin during fractionation was prevented, both b1- and b 2-subunits were found in fraction containing totalmembranes and F-actin. Dialysis of this fraction into low ionic strength buffer causeddepolimerization of the bulk of actin and release of about 1/4 of b1-subunits into solution. The data presented here suggest that distribution of b 1-subunits between membrane and cytosol could depend on the stateof actin cytoskeleton.
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Keywords: G-proteins, beta-subunits, cytoskeleton, actin, lung

Grishin, A. V., Gerasimovskaya, E. V., Starikova, M. G., Panchenko, M. , P., Nickashin, A. , V., Tkachuk, V. , A. (1998). Interaction of b 1 subunit of G proteins with actin cytoskeleton. Voprosy Meditsinskoi Khimii, 44(4), 347-352.
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