Hindering of rat chronic hepatit progression by means of new hepatoprotective preparation «phospholiv».

Ipatova O.I., Torkhovskaya T.I., Knjazhev V.A., Karusina I.I., Bachmanova G.I., Guseva M.K., Archakov A.I.
PubMed Id: 10599139
Year: 1998  Volume: 44  Issue: 6  Pages: 537-542
Protective influence of a new phospholipid preparation «Phospholiv» was studied using a model of chronic hepatitis. Animals were treated 45 days intraperitoneay with СС14 with parallel intragastral administration of Phospholiv or - (for comparison) - the of other phospholipid hepatoprotector, Essentiale. Morphologic changes of liver, as well as protein and RNA biosynthesis were evaluated in the end of experiment - by means of mesuaring C14-leucine and C14-orotic acid incorporation into hepatocyte subcellular fractions. Both phospholipid preparations attenuated dystrophic liver changes, Phospholiv effect being more pronounced. They both prevented СС14 induced inhibition of label incorporation into subcellular fraction proteins, but only Phospholiv, promoted the maintaining normal level of radioactivity incorporation into cytosol proteins and hepatocyte RNA. The results, confirming certain protective effect of Essentiale, show more pronounced hepatoprotective action of the new preparation Phospholiv ( developed on the basis of polyunsaturated phosphatidylcholine and glycyrrhizinic acid salt). Data show also on possible fit hepatits treatment
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Keywords: phospholipids, glycyrrhizinic acid, chronic hepatit, protein biosynthesis, RNA biosynthesis, liver morphology

Ipatova, O. I., Torkhovskaya, T. I., Knjazhev, V. A., Karusina, I. I., Bachmanova, G. I., Guseva, M. K., Archakov, A. I. (1998). Hindering of rat chronic hepatit progression by means of new hepatoprotective preparation «phospholiv». . Voprosy meditsinskoi khimii, 44(6), 537-542.
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