Lipoprotein metabolism in patients with high and low cholesterol ester transfer activity

Tvorogova M.G., Rozhkova T.A., Kucharchuk V.V., Titov V.N.
PubMed Id: 10547884
Year: 1999  Volume: 45  Issue: 4  Pages: 332-338
For clarifying the role of plasma cholesterol ester transfer activity (CETA) in forming hyperlipoproteinemia (HLP) and determination of high density lipoproteins cholesterol (Ch HDL) level, lipoprotein metabolism indicators were compared for individuals with high and low CETA. 257 subjects were investigated: 195 patients with different forms of hereditary HLP and individuals without HLP: 34 healthy and 28 with coronary heart disease (CHD). Lipids were determined enzymatically, apoproteins content by immunoturbodimetric and immunodiffusion methods. CETA and cholesterol esterification rate (CER) were measured through autological methods. Selected groups of patients with high and low CETA were significantly distinguished only by plasma Ch level (average Ch > 6.2 mmol/l in both groups), free Ch HDL and CER. The groups were not significantly different by men-women ratio (chi 2 = 0.016, p = 0.9) and CHD patients share (chi 2 = 0.126, p = 0.723). The correlation between CETA and Ch levels was significant for healthy individuals only. The data does not correspond to assumption of exclusively atherogenic influence of high CETA: 1) no correlation between CETA and atherogenic parameters of LP metabolism among different HLP forms was found; 2) Ch HDL levels were not distinguished at high and low CETA; 3) no domination of CHD patients among the subjects with high CETA was found.
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Keywords: cholesterol, hereditary hyperlipoproteinemia, reverse cholesterol transport, cholesterol ester transfer, cholesterol esterification rate

Tvorogova, M. G., Rozhkova, T. A., Kucharchuk, V. V., Titov, V. N. (1999). Lipoprotein metabolism in patients with high and low cholesterol ester transfer activity. Voprosy Meditsinskoi Khimii, 45(4), 332-338.
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