Protective effect of different form superoxide dismutase on the plasma membrane phospholipid composition of hepatocyte and adipocyte and on the blood lipoprotein composition in hemorrhagic shock in cats

Leskova G.F.
PubMed Id: 10635533
Year: 1999  Volume: 45  Issue: 5  Pages: 389-397
Using a model of hemorrhagic shock, the possibility of protection by Cu,Zn-superoxide dismutase (SOD) of the phospholipid bilayer of plasma membranes of hepatocytes and adipocytes as well as of the blood lipoproteins was studied. SOD (5 mg/kg), injected 30 min after the onset of bleeding, efficiently prevented changes in the phospholipid bilayer of hepatocytic plasma membranes in cats. Simultaneous injection of SOD partly restored the concentration of different classes of phospholipids in plasma membranes of mesenterial fatty tissue adipocytes altered by shock. When incorporated into liposomes, SOD exerted a weaker corrective effect on the phospholipid composition of hepatocytic plasma membranes in animals with hemorrhagic shock and simultaneously produced a membrane-stabilizing effect on adipocytes. In contrast to pure SOD (which had no effect on the lipoprotein composition of the blood in animals with hemorrhagic shock), SOD-containing liposomes decreased the amount of chylomicrons and very low density lipoproteins in the venous blood of central vessels.
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Leskova G.F. (1999) Voprosy meditsinskoi khimii, 45(5), 389-397.
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