Effects of electromagnetic field exposure on some structural and functional properties of blood lymphocyte and erythrocyte membranes

Bordyushkov Yu.N.1, Goroshinskaya I.A.1, Frantziyantz E.M.1, Tkacheva G.N.1, Gorlo E.I.1, Nescubina I.V.1

1. Rostov Research Oncology Institute
PubMed Id: 10802889
Year: 2000  Volume: 46  Issue: 1  Pages: 72-80
The lymphocyte membrane fluidity, membrane potential, isoenzyme spectrum of superoxide dismutase (SOD) and catabolic product level of blood cell receptors in rats, healthy volunteers and patients with ovary and skin tumors were studied under the influence of low frequency electromagnetic field (EMF). The increase of fluidity of rat blood lymphocyte membranes was observed at 20 and 40 min exposure of the lymphocyte suspension to EMF. The increase of ANS fluorescence observed after 20 min exposure to EMF suggested a decrease of cell membrane potential. EMF exerted opposite changes of lymphocyte membrane fluidity of healthy volunteers and the effect depended on the initial level of this parameter. Study of SOD isoenzyme spectrum revealed that Cu,Zn-dependent SOD can account for the superoxide dismutase catalytic activity of supernatant and lymphocytes. The EMF exposure for 20 min caused 2-fold increase of SOD activity. The EMF exposure for 40 min caused the further increase of SOD activity but only in lymphocytes. At the same time the EMF exposure did not influence the actual SOD-activity in erythrocytes. However, there was clear anti-R-reagent-sensitive SOD-activity which was not abolished by DDC. The reasons and possible consequences of these changes of feuidity and SOD-activity under EMF effect are discussed.
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Bordyushkov Yu.N., Goroshinskaya I.A., Frantziyantz E.M., Tkacheva G.N., Gorlo E.I., Nescubina I.V. (2000) Voprosy meditsinskoi khimii, 46(1), 72-80.
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