Water- exchange processes in hyaline cartilage and in its major components in normal and osteoarthrosis cartilage

Nikolaeva S.S.1, Kim Zong Chhol1, Bykov V.A.1, Roshina A.A.1, Yakovleva L.V.1, Korolyova O.A.1, Omelianenko N.P.2, Rebrov L.B.1

1. Scientific Research and school-methodical Center for Biomedical Technology
2. Central Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics RAMS
PubMed Id: 11234282
Year: 2000  Volume: 46  Issue: 6  Pages: 581-590
The content of different forms of tissue water was studied in the normal articular cartilage and osteoarthrosis cartilage and its structural components: collagen, potassium hyaluronate, sodium chondroitinsulphate and its complexes. In the components of cartilage matrix a few of fractions of bound water different in the strength of binding are present. At the maximal humidity, all water in collagen binds with the active groups of biopolymers and in the glycosaminoglycans, in addition to bound water, are present, two crystal forms of freezing water (free water) at least. The quantity of free water in the collagen-chondroitin sulphat membrane, is increased with the increase of chondroitin sulphate. In the collagen-hyaluronate complex, fraction of free water is found only at the low concentration of hyaluronate kalium. It was shown that in the hyalin cartilage, in different from the other connective tissue (skin, achilles tendon), the most part of water is free water and its quantity is increased in the osteoarthrosis. It is supposed that the rearrangement of binding and free-water fractions in the osteoarthrosis is the result of deficiency of hyaluronic acid and therefore this may be regarded in the improvement of methods of treatment. This scientific and methodical approach allow to receive information on the forms and binding energy of water in the biological tissues, which is absorbed from fluids and steam phase and determine characters of the pathological changes.
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Keywords: cartilage, osteoarthrosis collagen, hyaluronic acid, chondroitin sulphate, water - exchange

Nikolaeva, S. S., Kim, Zong, Chhol,, Bykov, V. A., Roshina, A. A., Yakovleva, L. V., Korolyova, O. A., Omelianenko, N. P., Rebrov, L. B. (2000). Water- exchange processes in hyaline cartilage and in its major components in normal and osteoarthrosis cartilage. Voprosy Meditsinskoi Khimii, 46(6), 581-590.
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