Inherent deficiency of C4A and C4B isotypes of the C4 component of complement at persons infected by chlamydia

Kozlov L.V.1, Skirda T.A.1, Skorokhodova T.G.1, Lakhtin V.М.1, Batalova T.N.1, Guzova V.А.1

1. Gabrichevskii Moscow Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology
PubMed Id: 11385992
Year: 2001  Volume: 47  Issue: 1  Pages: 103-110
The difference in the functional activity of the isotypes A and B of component C4 of human complement was used to determine their ratio to detect the inherited deficiency of the isotypes. The frequency of deficiency in healthy persons blood donors was equal for С4А and С4В (0.14 for each isotype), i.e. 14 % of total number (22) donors, or 28 % totally. These results agree with the literary data, on which the frequency of deficiency of С4А is 0,14, and of С4В is 0.11-0.16. The inherent deficiencies of С4А and С4В for persons infected by Chlamydia were studied. For this purpose the patients (35 persons) with in blood antibodies (IgG or IgM) to Chlamydia (C. trachomatis, C. psittaci and C. pneumoniae) were investidated. The frequencies of dificiency of С4А and С4В were 0.29 and 0.46 respectively. Thus, the number of the undeficiencyt patients was only 25 %, while among healthy persons 70-75 % of individuals not having deficiencies of isotypes С4 were observed. The deficiencies of isotypes of С4 at this pathology is detected for the first time. The obtained data suggest the existenc of the predisposition to the development of diseases stipulated by Chlamydia in persons with inherent deficiency of С4 component of complement
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Kozlov L.V., Skirda T.A., Skorokhodova T.G., Lakhtin V.М., Batalova T.N., Guzova V.А. (2001) Voprosy meditsinskoi khimii, 47(1), 103-110.
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