The influence of melatonin’s parenteral infusion to biochemical composition of rat’s granulate tissue

Volodina T.V.1, Olschevsky E.G.1, Abramov Yu.V.1, Guseva V.V.2, Vinogradova E.V.1, Gribanov G.A.2, Kozeltsev V.L.1, Bykov V.A.1

1. Research Centre of Biomedical Technology
2. Department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology, Tverskoy State University, Tver
PubMed Id: 11693027
Year: 2001  Volume: 47  Issue: 4  Pages: 393-404
The influence of long term parenteral melatonin administration on the biochemical composition of granulation tissue of surgical wounds in rats during healing was investigated. Physiological solution and solutions containing various concentrations of melatonin were subcutaneously enjected to the animals within 3 weeks. Control and injected animals were wounded. Samples of gramilation tissue were investigated on the 5-th and the 8-th day of healing. The contents of oxyprolin, uronic acids, hexosamines, total lipids and their fractions, fractional composition of glycosaminoglicans and proteins composition of salt extracts were determined in the se samples. Repeated injections during three weeks caused the changes in biochemical composition of researched samples which were characteristic for stressful reaction of connective tissue. The specific changes are most expressed at long term introduction of a physiological solution to animals. The introduction of melatonin during similar period cansed protective effect, partially defending biochemical composition of granulation tissue from changes, which were induced by stressful situation
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Volodina, T. V., Olschevsky, E. G., Abramov, Yu. V., Guseva, V. V., Vinogradova, E. V., Gribanov, G. A., Kozeltsev, V. L., Bykov, V. A. (2001). The influence of melatonin’s parenteral infusion to biochemical composition of rat’s granulate tissue. Voprosy meditsinskoi khimii, 47(4), 393-404.
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