1956, Volume 2, Issue 2
83-88 Strachitskii K.I., Tseitlin L.A.
Effect of chloral hydrate and of medinal on oxidative phosphorylation in brei of the liver of guinea pigs
89-94 Fokina T.V.
Characteristics of conversion of hemoglobin in infants during their first year of life
96-102 Kuzin A.M., Romanova I.N.
Comparative investigations on proteins in the liver and in transplanted hepatoma
103-109 Kiverin M.D., Mokeeva Z.N., Tsaregorodtsev A.I.
Effect of magnesium narcosis on blood glycolysis and on blood and skin sugar content
109-114 Fomina L.S.
Intestinal secretion of enzymes in newborn
115-121 Aziavchik A.V., Vasil'ev T.V.
Application of methienine in prevention of complications in novarsenol therapy
122-127 Apanasiuk M.P.
Effect of various dietary loads on excretion of lipids with bile
128-132 Sadikova N.F., Skvortsevich E.G.
Radioactive products of conversion of glycine labeled with radiocarbon in the brain in rat
133-139 Manzon S.M.
Labile phosphorus compounds in the muscle following application of tourniquet
140-149 Iakovlev N.N.
Dynamics of labile phosphorus compounds in the brain in muscular activities of various durations
150-157 Libinzon R.E.
Content and metabolism of phosphorus compounds in the bone marrow in normal rabbits
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