1961, Volume 7, Issue 5
451-459 Shabanova Ia..
Metabolism of fatty acids in the myocardium
460-465 Petrovich Iu.A., Trifonova V.P.
Inclusion of glycine-C14 and methionine-S35 into bone proteins in fractures
465-468 Del'va V.A.
Content of manganese in various segments of the cerebral cortex in man
468-469 Kharchenko G.I.
Complex serum protein formation in the blood containing antibiotics
470-475 Ostashkov K.V.
Metabolism of labile brain phosphates in hypothermic conditions
475-479 Martinson E.E., Lind A.Ia.
Effect of insulin on feeding the gastric mucosa and pancreas according to data on the inclusion of methionine-S35 into proteins
479-484 Romanova I.N., Larionov L.F.
On the mechanism of action of sarcolysin peptides on tumor cells
485-487 Konstantinov A.A., Starostina I.S., Shmakotina Z.V.
Aldolase and transaminase activity of the blood serum and urine in some diseases
488-492 Kirsanova V.A., Gurevich-usyskina Iu.S.
Activity of water-soluble adenosinetriphosphatase in transplanted tumors and in the spleen
492-494 Golovin B.P., Sytinskaia O.N.
Effect of methionine on the hexokinase activity of subcellular renal structures in the rabbit
494-498 Bozhko A.P., Pruss G.M., Shapot V.S.
Regeneration of proteins by the myocardium in deep fatigue
498-504 Pugachev V.S.
Effect of prolonged antibacterial therapy of thiamine metabolism in pulmonary tuberculosis
510-513 Shcherbak I.G.
Effect of preliminary ACTH injections on muscle phosphorus fractions in anoxia
513-519 Andreenko G.V., Kudriashov B.A.
Effect of a trypsin inhibitor from soy bean on blood coagulation
520-523 Kul'berg A.Ia., Tarkhanova Ia.
On the problem of splitting immune gamma-globulin with papain
524-527 Poliakova N.M., Untina N.A.
Phosphoglucomutase in various interstitial structures of the brain
528-531 Tsvetkova I.V., Rozenfel'd E.L.
Splitting neuraminic acid by rat testicular homogenaes and extracts
532-537 Savve V.D., Fofanov V.I., Nikitina V.D.
Use of the multi-membrane electro-decantation method in the purification and concentration of proteases
537-539 Starik A.S., Leont'ev V.G.
A method for the determination of microdoses of cesium from biological samples
540-542 Komkova A.I., Rogozkin V.A.
Determination of adenine, guanine and hypoxanthine by means of a differential spectrophotometric method
542-545 Mant'ev V.A., Fel'dsherov Ia.
An analytic micro-preparation apparatus for continuous paper electrophoresis
546-549 Ferdman T.D.
On the problem of urinary estrogen determination methods
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