1963, Volume 9, Issue 2
115-124 Tsvetkova I.V.
Neuraminic acid in the body of animals
125-127 Chernikov M.P.
Ability of pepsin to hydrolyze denaturated egg albumin
127-133 Grebennik L.I., Gnevkovskaia T.V., Smirnova G.A.
Metabolism of vanillin ingested with phthivazid
133-136 Karpenko L.N.
Cholinesterase, monoamine oxidase and histaminase activity in the mucosa of different segments of the stomach
137-142 Korovnikov K.A.
Histamine-histaminase system in the state of stress caused by increased muscular work and chilling
142-146 Malysheva L.V.
Intensity of tissue respiration in various organs in experimental hypercholesteremia and atherosclerosis
146-154 Cherniak N.B., Totskaia A.A.
Structural features and oxidative metabolism in a granular fraction isolated from human blood platelets
154-160 Yolkina N.I., Tokarskaya Z.B.
On the problem of pathochemistry in poisoning with plutonium 239
161-167 Davydova S.Ia., Drozdova G.A.
Data on the mechanism of protein synthesis in liver microsomes and transplanted tumors in rats
167-172 Siurin A.A.
Inhibition phenomenon and fibrin formation
172-177 Ushakova T.D., Makarov A.Iu.
Proteins, lipoproteins and glycoproteins in the cerebrospinal fluid of patients with hydrocephalus
180-184 Guseva L.A.
Content of adenosine triphosphoric acid and creatine phosphate in the brain and muscles of animals adapted and unadapted to cold
184-188 Khaunina R.A., Lapin I.P.
Effect of imipramine on the monoamine oxidase activity of the cat brain
188-196 Samoilov P.M.
Oxidative phosphorylation and glycolysis in the rat myocardium in experimental thyrotoxicosis
197-200 Shlygin G.K., Fomina L.S., Pavlova Z.M.
Technic of determining lipase in pancreatic juice and duodenal contents
200-204 Deliamure L.L.
Study of lipoproteins in the blood of donors by agar gel electrophoresis using previously colored blood plasma
207-209 Galkina E.I., Zabgorodnii S.F.
Determination of calcium and magnesium in blood serum using sodium tripolyphosphate
209-213 Khaustova I.M., Ugleva A.I.
Comparative data on the purification of toxins and anatoxins of c1. perfrigens by different methods
214-216 Lukomskaia I.S., Tarasova G.I.
Trehalase in animal and human tissues
217-218 Pokrovskii A.A., Bogdanova L.M.
On features of secretion of proteolytic enzymes in gastric juice in different diseases
218-220 Georgiev G.P., Lerman M.I.
Metabolic heterogenicity of messenger rna from ehrlich ascites cancer cells
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