1958, Volume 4, Issue 4
243-247 Kliucheva V.V., Atabegova M.A.
Intensity of respiration of Escherichia coli in a hospital and in aerobic conditions
248-253 Martsevich M.S.
Amylolytic enzyme in bile
254-261 Babushkina L.M.
Phosphorus-containing substances in digestive secretions
262-265 Krainev S.I.
Effect of certain alcohols on catalase activity of hemolyzed human blood
266-273 Komkova A.I.
Adenosintriphosphoric acid and myosin in skeletal muscles following section of the sciatic nerve
274-279 Ivanov V.I., Rogenberg P.A.
Modification of brain and muscle phosphorus compound content in intoxications with various organic solvents
280-284 Alimova M.M.
Hippuric acid in urine in infants during first year of life
285-287 Torchinskii I.M.
Cysteine and ethylenediaminetetraacetate reactivity of the muscle fibers treated with copper sulfate
288-291 Orekhovich K.D.
Studies on protein metabolism of the skin in vitamin B6 deficiency
292-297 Pokrovskii A.A.
Utilization of enzymes in detection of biologically-harmful agents
298-303 Lebedeva N.K.
Electrophoretic investigations on kidney proteins in rats and human subjects
304-308 Steperov I.Ya.
Magnesium and calcium contents and phosphatase activity of the blood and middle ear secretions in various forms of otitis
309-314 Efimochkina E.F.
Combined method of isolation of amino acids from small quantities of hydrolyzed proteins
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