1956, Volume 2, Issue 1
3-11 Vladimirov G.E.
Investigations of I. M. Sechenov on respiration function of the blood; 50th anniversary of death of Ivan Mikhailovich Sechenov
12-16 Merezhinskii M.F., Taranovich G.L., Taranovich L.E.
Deposition and excretion of ascorbic acid in burns in guinea pigs receiving various doses of vitamin C
17-18 Gorodyskii V.I., Veselaia I.V., Rostovtseva O.M.
Content of copper, zinc, cadmium and nickel in muscles and in tumors
19-24 Fridliand I.B.
Inclusion of methionine labeled with radiosulfur into proteins of various organs and tissues in normal conditions and in gas gangrene in guinea pigs
25-28 Bernshtein A.L.
Content of pyroracemic acid and of adrenalin in the blood in pain
29-31 Siver P.Ya., Grechishkin D.K., Zamanskii L.N., Lopushanskii A.I., Kapralova E.V.
Distribution of Staphylococcus aureus labeled with radiophosphorus in acute experimental septicemia
32-39 Sukhenko F.T., Priss N.N.
Addition of vitamins to native and dried blood plasma
40-41 Dmitriev V.F.
Content of lysine in human brain proteins
42-46 Kuzin A.M., Tustanovskii A.A., Garzunova-dal'skaia G.A.
Relation of protein fractions to carbohydrates with a slight hydrolysing action in the liver of mice with transplanted hepatoma, in tumor tissue in the liver of normal mouse
47-52 Vladimirova E.A.
Effect of conditioned reflex stimulation of the central nervous system on the content of adenosinetriphosphoric acid and adenosinediphosphoric acid in the brain
54-58 Sventsitskaia M.B.
Modification of content of added sulfur-containing amino acids and effect of addition on the duration of blood preservation
59-63 Chernikov M.P.
Fermentative activity of decomposition products of trypsin, chymotrypsin, and pepsin
64-68 Braun A.D., Akhmeteli T.A., Mirovich N.I.
Creatinuria in puerpera
69-72 Firfarova K.F.
Soluble proteins of the crystalline lens
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