1957, Volume 3, Issue 4
243-254 Efimochkina E.F., Poznanskaia A.A.
Biological synthesis of purine and pyrimidine substances and of mononucleotides
255-268 Rodionov V.M., Uspenskaia V.D., Zamiatkina O.G.
Restoration of plasma proteins following severe blood loss in dogs
269-272 Ivanov V.I., Pelevina M.V., Gavrilenkova V.Yu.
Chemical and biological properties of O-antigens in Vibrio comma
273-278 Sventsitskaia M.B.
Effect of addition of amino acids and of adenylic acid on metabolic processes in preserved blood
279-284 Prokhorova M.I., Brodskaia N.I., Sokolova G.P.
Intensity of glycogen and glucose metabolism in the brain and in the liver in anoxia
286-291 Braunshtein A.E., Vilenkina G.Ya.
Quantitative chromatographic method in investigation of urinary histidine in pregnancy
292-300 Velikodvorskaia G.A.
Disorders of liver tryptophan metabolism in rats in protein deficiency
301-311 Fedorova N.A.
Carbohydrate-phosphorus metabolism in the myocardium in hypothermia and following exclusion of circulation
312-316 Rodionov I.I.
New cooling system for the apparatus used in electrophoresis of proteins
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