1958, Volume 4, Issue 3
163-169 Okulov V.I.
Comparison of electrophoretic and saline fractionation of blood proteins
170-174 Sukhomlinov B.F.
Study of the turnover of blood proteins in hematuric cattle by means of S35-methionine
175-181 Zamychkina K.S., Grodzenskii D.E.
Turnover of the organic phosphorus compounds in the bile of animals
182-186 Gendon I.Z.
Electrophoretic study of the protein fractions in type A botulinum toxins
187-198 Povolotskaia G.M.
Gas metabolism and respiratory function of the blood in different forms of endocarditis and circulatory failure
199-203 Zbarskii I.B.
The composition of desoxyribonucleic acid in some experimental tumors and in normal tissues
204-207 Smirnova O.A.
The surface tension of bile
208-212 Velikodvorskaia G.A.
Disturbances in tryptophan metabolism in rats with liver damage caused by carbon tetrachloride
213-221 Iudaev N.A., Podina A.I.
Biosynthesis of steroid hormones in adrenal cortex slices from scorbutic guinea pigs
222-224 Okunev V.N.
Improved method for the synthesis of 4-hydroxybiphenyl
225-229 Sochivko L.F., Dernovskaiazelentsova G.L., Zakharov A.A.
A reflex oxyhemometer with a cuvette
230-235 Torchinskii I.M.
Quantitative determination of succinic dehydrogenase activity in a single slice of brain tissue
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