1956, Volume 2, Issue 3
163-168 Rubel V.M.
Mechanism of secretion of proteins with gastric juice
169-174 Tsyperovich A.S.
Mechanism of denaturation of proteins; effect of formaldehyde and of ether on resistance of globular proteins to denaturation
175-178 Iur'ev V.A., Chaplygina Z.A.
Utilization of ion exchange resins in preparation of therapeutic protein hydrolysates
179-181 Popova Z.N.
Metabolism of phospholipids and choline in Botkin's disease
182-187 Lipsits D.V.
Significance of sulfur in the appearance of reduction potential in experiments
188-197 Braun A.D., Mirovich N.I.
Reduced proteins of the myometrium
198-202 Alekseeva A.M., Timofeeva N.M.
Effect of physical exercise on creatinuria in children
203-209 Il'in V.S., Titova G.V.
Mechanism of action of insulin on hexokinase reaction
210-213 Vendt V.P.
L.A. Chugaev's method for sterols
214-221 Sytinskaia O.N.
Modified method of determination of sulfanilamides with the application of determination of coenzyme A and determination of acetylation capacity of tissues
222-228 Sokolov A.A., Vlasenko V.I., Gurvich A.E., Starosel'tseva L.K.
Photoelectric densitometer and its application in evaluation of results of paper electrophoresis
229-233 Vladimirova E.A.
Camera for biochemical investigation of the brain in rats during conditioned reflex motor-digestive and motor-defense reactions
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