1960, Volume 6, Issue 4
269-276 Anasashvili A.Ts.
Serum glycoproteins in tuberculosis of the lungs
345-350 Ianovskaia B.I., Berliand N.S., Reshetova M.N., Sokhina A.M.
Effect of biomycin on vitamin C metabolism in experimental animals and human subjects
351-357 Tereshchenko O.Ia.
Blood proteins in brain trauma and anemia of the central nervous system in dogs
358-364 Loviagina T.N.
On lipoprotein and protein blood fractions of the blood in experimental alimentary hypercholesterolemia
365-368 Nikol'skii V.V., Rubtsova G.V.
On the effect of roentgen irradiation on the formation of pancreatic enzymes
382-385 Andreenko G.V., Zvereva N.Ia.
Effect of phenyllin on the thromboplastic activity and concentration of thrombotropin and proconvertin in the blood of white rats
386-389 Il'in V.S., Triufanov V.F.
Incorporation of S35 labelled methionine in the liver proteins of rats with alloxan diabetes in conditions of block or "circumvention" of the glucokinase reaction
390-395 Alimova E.K.
A water-soluble lipid complex from the cells of diphtherial microbes
396-402 Kozlov N.B.
On the role of ammonia in the development of insulin shock
403-407 Ivanov I.I., Mirovich N.I.
Protein fractions in the skeletal musculature of the rabbit after section of the spinal cord
408-411 Gordeeva K.V.
Effect of insulin and glucose on the content of glycogen in the liver in radiation sickness
412-419 Mazina N.M., Rassokhina I.I., Gostev V.S.
Immunochemical study of various lipid fractions in human tissue
427-430 Liniuchev M.N.
Determination of the activity of acetylcholinesterase and pseudocholinesterase in the lesser circulation
431-434 Khomutov B.I., Garkusha G.A.
On the use of 2-thiobarbituric acid for detection of oxidized lipids
435-438 Vichev E.P., Karakashov A.V.
Micromethod of direct complexometric titration of calcium in the blood serum
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