1964, Volume 10, Issue 3
227-238 Mardashev S.R.
Natural polymers: their biological and medical importance
238-246 Rubel V.M.
Peculiarities of the biochemical composition of various regions of the myocardium
246-252 Gromashevskaia L.L., Demin V.I., Gette Z.P., Demchenko V.N., Mironova E.M.
The serum enzymes in botkin's infectious hepatitis
252-256 Mittelshtedt A.A., Bauman L.K.
Copper metabolism in hepato-cerebral dystrophy
256-261 Khlebnikova I.M.
The effect of polyvinol on the rate of incorporation of methionine-s35 into liver and plasma proteins in exsanguinated rabbits
261-264 Lobkova T.N.
The protein composition of the cerebrospinal fluid and blood serum in cysticercosis of the central nervous system
265-269 Bagramian E.R.
Metabolism of exogenous acth in normal and irradiated rats
269-273 Kudriashov B.A., Andreenko G.V., Sytina N.P., Ivanova E.A., Pliushch L.I.
Effect of vitamin b12 on the function of the physiological anti-coagulation system of the organism
274-279 Smirnova M.V., Blagoveshchenskaia E.V., Kuchinskaia N.E., Lebedeva Z.I.
On the interrelation between nucleic acid metabolism and toxin biosynthesis in staphylococcus albus
279-283 Stefani D.V., Kulberg A.Ia.
Immunochemical analysis of products of papain proteolysis of diphtheria horse antitoxic gamma globulin
283-292 Lando L.I.
The effect of insulin and aminazin treatment on the blood protein ratios of schizophrenia patients
293-296 Pertsovskii A.I.
On dysproteinemia after surgical operations
296-299 Mirem L.M., Belousov A.P.
The activity of blood lactic dehydrogenase and liver catalase in mice in induced carcinogenesis
300-305 Severin S.E., Tseitlin L.A.
Enzymatic degradation of diphosphopyridine nucleotide (dpn) in heart muscle homogenates in experimental myocarditis
305-310 Smirnov V.N., Mazurov V.I., Goncharova V.P., Smirnov M.H., Shkarenkova L.
RNA and collagen synthesis by fibroblasts during the formation of connective tissue de novo
311-316 Maslova A.F.
Quantitative determination of acetylcholine in biological materials by means of a polarographic analytical method
316-318 Kuznik B.I.
A simple modification of the 1-step procedure for determination of thrombin time, quantity of fibrinogen and fibrinolytic activity of the blood
318-321 Poverennyi A.M., Aleinikova T.L.
A simple method for isolation of bacterial dna by means of procollagen
322-323 Shatunova N.F.
On the intracellular localization of glutamate decarboxylase
324-326 Kazakova T.B.
Formation of a molecular complex between the mitochondrial proteins actomyosin and kinazine
326-328 Neifakh S.A., Vasilets I.M.
An actomyosin-like protein in the external membrane of liver cells
329-330 In memory of Aleksii Iosifovicha Voinara    
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