1962, Volume 8, Issue 5
463-468 Davydova S.Ia., Drozdova G.A.
Activation of amino acids in the cytoplasm of cells in some normal tissues and in transplanted tumors
468-471 Rozenfel'd E.L., Popova Ia.
Modification of the activity of liver alpha- and gamma-amylases following the administration of adrenalin in rabbits
471-476 Shalimov V.A.
Studies on tissue respiration during the process of the development of experimental atherosclerosis
482-486 Veinerov I.V., Kruchakova F.A., Podgaetskaia M.G.
Content of some vitamins and 17-ketosteroids in the urine of patients with seborrhea
486-492 Mikhnovich E.P.
Some indices of reticulocytic energy metabolism
493-497 Khazen I.M., Vaisfel'd I.L.
Modification of the content of biologically active substances in rats under the influence of radial acceleration
498-499 Rogoznaia A.V.
Content of 17-ketosteroids in the urine of oncological patients
500-504 Rabinovich P.D.
Content in the gastric juice of sialic acid, hexosamine and hexoses bound with proteins in peptic ulcer patients
504-513 Tarasova L.S.
Regeneration of proteins following blood loss in conditions of experimental hypercholesteremia
518-525 Liu Y.T.
Oxidative metabolism in pulmonary and hepatic tissues in experimental berylliosis
525-531 Veremeenko K.N.
On the mechanism of the anti-edema effect of parenteral crystalline proteases
538-544 Silakova A.I., Trush G.P., Iaviliakova A.
A micromethod of ammonia and glutamine in trichloroacetic acid tissue extracts
545-546 Vaichiuvenas V.A.
On the problem of methods for the introduction of examined liquids in the electrophoretic analysis of protein fractions in agar gel
547-549 Mardashev S.R., Lerman M.I., Beniumovich M.S.
Glutamine transaminase in brain preparations and in cells of a strain of differentiated human astrocytoma
550-552 Geller L.I.
Clinical biochemist or a medical chemistry specialist. (Discussion on A. V. Sigrist's article, "On the Problem of Clinical Biochemistry")
553-558 Demin N.N., Pevzner L.Z.
Biochemistry of the nervous system
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