1959, Volume 5, Issue 6
403-408 Trufanov A.V.
Fractionation of brain tumor proteins by means of paper electrophoresis
409-414 Kondrashova M.N.
Respiration and glycolysis of muscles in parabiosis
415-421 Leites S.M., Pavlov G.T.
Effect of adrenocorticotropic hormone and cortisone on the inclusion of methionine labeled by S35 into proteins of the liver, muscles and kidneys in alloxan diabetes
422-428 Shliakhman A.L., Grishina V.I., Shnol' S.E.
Studies on the distribution and chemical conversion of novocaine labeled by C14 in rat organism
429-434 Chetverikova E.P.
Effect of succinic acid on medication sleep and certain oxidation processes in tissues
435-440 Moroz A.P., Iganatovich Iu.V.
Effect of protein deficiency on dynamics of formation of tetanus antitoxin and globulin
441-447 Tseitlin L.A.
Enzymatic synthesis of glycogen in the heart and liver in rabbits in medication sleep
448-457 Severina V.A., Gorskaia S.V., Gracheva I.V.
Studies on the role of amino acids in streptomycin synthesis
458-465 Chubnovskii G.S.
Flame photometer for quantitative determination of sodium and potassium
466-468 Slutskii L.I., Sheleketina I.I.
Quantative determination of collagen in pulmonary tissue
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