1959, Volume 5, Issue 2
83-97 Raiskina M.E.
Metabolism of macro-energy phosphorus compounds in the heart
98-101 Smirnova M.V., Atabegova M.A., Karaseva E.M.
Modification of certain chemical components and antigenic properties of nucleoproteins and antigens of Corynbacterium diphtheriae in toxin formation dynamics
102-106 Avaeva S.M., Botvinik M.M., Karamurza S.N.
Enzymatic synthesis of benzoyl-phenylalanine peptides with the aid of serine and threonine O-peptides
107-111 Golubentsev D.A.
Change of glycogen content in rat organs in severe and acute radiation sickness
112-113 Zaets T.L.
Forms of calcium in tissues
114-123 Seits I.F.
Role of respiration and glycolysis in anabolism in cancer cells
124-127 Olenicheva L.S., Eizengart R.S.
Determination of serum asparticglutamic aminopherase activity in myocardial infarct patients
128-136 Tseitlin L.A.
Conversion of pyroracemic acid in medication sleep
137-142 Mishukova E.A., Lebedeva L.N.
Myocardial content characteristics and biochemical properties during experimental diphtherial intoxication
143-148 Voluiskaia E.N., Cheburkina N.V., Tovarnitskii V.I., Nikol'skaia I.N.
Isolation and chemical composition of zymosan
149-152 Larskii E.L.
Determination of hyaluronidase activity and inhibitors
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