1964, Volume 10, Issue 5
451-460 Kaplanskii S.Ia., Akopian Zh.I.
Adaptive changes of the tryptophan metabolism in the animal organism
460-463 Braginskaia L.L., Sukhanova V.A.
Incorporation of methionine labeled with s-35 into proteins in various parts of the rat gastrointestinal tract in some pathological conditions
464-466 Kriukova N.A., Karapetian E.A.
On some characteristics of pyridoxine metabolism in narcoleptic patients
466-468 Ponomareva T.F., Kolomeichuk L.V.
Serum transaminases in late pregnancy toxemias
469-473 Protasova T.N., Korovina E.F.
Regulation of the enzymatic decomposition of proline and oxyproline in the rat liver
474-479 Ivanov K.K., Uvarova R.N., Stepanova L.K.
Chemical composition of surface antigens of salmonella paratyphi b
479-482 Shapiro N.I., Konshina I.Z.
Comparative studies on diphtheria toxin and anatoxin preparations
483-488 Filonova E.A.
Effect of adrenosterone on the conversion of hydrocortisone in the guinea pig liver in vitro
488-490 Kochetov G.A., Sholomovich A.D.
Effect of imidazole derivatives on liver transketolase in the rat
490-493 Ilinykh A.P.
Comparative electrophoretic studies on serum and liver proteins in tuberculosis
494-498 Lopatina L.A.
Activity of transaminases and alkaline phosphatase in nutritional liver lesions
499-504 Markelov I.M.
Fractional composition of myocardial proteins in experimental myocardial infarction
504-508 Gorodetskii V.K.
Synthesis of isomaltose and nigerose from maltose by enzymatic liver and muscle proteins from rabbits with alloxan diabetes
508-513 Blokhin N.N., Syromiatnikova N.V.
Electrophoretic studies on serum protein fractions in various stages of osteoarticular tuberculosis in rabbits
513-520 Revis V.A.
Incorporation of methionine labeled with s-35 into bone marrow and spleen proteins in acute radiation sickness
520-526 Vikhliaev Iu.I., Gorkin V.Z., Gridneva L.I., Smirnova A.V.
On the effect of chloracizin on the activity of mitochondrial monoamino oxidase
526-533 Paskhina Ts..
Effect of cycloserine isomers on the activity of d-alanine-d-glutamate-transaminase in bac. subtilis
533-538 Grozdova M.D.
Lipid content of the heart muscle in experimental myocarditis
538-542 Olovnikov A.M.
Production of immuno-sorbents in the form of benzidine-protein complexes suspension and their use for the determination of antibodies by the agglutination method
543-545 Nezlin R.S., Kulpina L.M.
Separation of serum proteins according to their molecular weight using sephadex g-200 dextran gel
546-547 Rogozkin V.A., Fedorova G.P., Mashansky V.F.
Enzymatic synthesis of nicotinamide dinucleotide in isolated skeletal muscle nuclei
547-550 Miasoedova K.N.
Induction and repression of the synthesis of histidine splitting enzymes in the liver
550-552 Ugoleva N.A., Bukrinskaia A.G., Nosacheva A.D.
Nucleotide composition of ribonucleic acid in the sendai virus (strain-lm-1)
552-554 Lokshina L.A., Orekhovich V.N., Skliankina V.A.
Splitting of complex ester bonds with pepsin
554-556 Rozenfeld E.L., Lukomskaia I.S., Gorodetskii V.K., Zarubina N.A., Zaretskii M.M.
Saccharode synthesis in man
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