1962, Volume 8, Issue 2
115-131 Poznanskaia A.A., Gorkin V.Z.
Current views on the role of biotin in metabolism; role of biotin in carbonic acid fixation
131-134 Levina E.N., Loit A.O.
Effect of cobalt oxides on the content of reducing substances in the blood and on glycogen in the liver in rats
140-144 Lind Kh.P.
Biosynthesis of sialic acid in the brain and in the mucous membranes of the stomach
144-149 D'iachkova A.Ia., Kisliak N.S.
On aromatic amino acid metabolism in children with acute leukemia
149-154 Ostrovskii Iu.M., Trebukhina R.V.
Characteristics of the metabolism of thiamine in relation to the transketolase activity of erythrocytes
155-162 Geller L.I.
Effect of the spleen on some metabolic processes in physiological and pathological conditions
163-169 Tarkhanova Ia., Kul'berg A.Ia.
Role of tryptophan in formation of active antibody centers
169-176 Starshov P.D.
Effect of hormonal preparations on the urinary excretion of thiamine, riboflavin, N1-methylnicotinamide and 4-pyridoxic acid in infectious hepatitis patients
181-186 Smirnova M.V., Kuchinskaia N.E., Lebedeva Z.I., Tsar'kova V.I.
Studies on the arginase activity of a toxinogenic strain of Staphylococcus albus in vitro during the process of cultivation
186-192 Pavlova I.V.
Oxidative metabolism of carbohydrates in pulmonary tissues
192-199 Polosukhina T.Ia., Valitova M.S., Diukova A.L., Kaipova Z.N., Kurovskaia N.I., Reshetnikova M.I., Sulaeva L.S.
Effect of roentgen rays on lipid metabolism in the dog liver
199-204 Guseva L.A.
Changes in the glycogen content of the liver and muscles in animals adapted and not adapted to cold
204-210 Kozlov N.B.
Effect of glutamic acid on the content of ammonia, glutathione, urea, sugar, lactic acid and acetone bodies in the blood of pancreatectomized animals
210-213 Kitavin G.S., Shen V.M.
Oxidative phosphorylation in rat liver homogenates following a brief fasting
214-217 Grishina V.I., Latsinik G.E., Sivoshinskii D.S., Shcherbak Iu.F., Shnol' S.E.
An isotope method for the determination of fat assimilation
218-221 Zbarskii I.B., Ermolaeva L.P., Dmitrieva N.P.
On residual proteins in nuclei of normal and tumor cells
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