1963, Volume 9, Issue 4
339-351 Galezov G.A.
Metabolism of beta-methylaspartic acid
351-356 Morozova E.N.
The effect of choline on experimental leukopenia and the lipid content of the bone marrow in rabbits
356-362 Pavlova I.V., Fedorova V.I.
Various aspects of nitrogen and oxidative metabolism of the lungs in experimental animals with silicosis
362-365 Kraevskii Ia.M., Bulovskaia L.N., Bezuglaia A.S.
On acetylation processes in patients with diencephalitis
365-370 Garkavi P.G.
Disorder of tissue protein biosynthesis in toxic hepatitis induced by the action of various chlorinated hydrocarbons
371-373 Golysheva M.G., Zhdanovich E.S., Liber L.I.
Preparation of flavin-adenine dinucleotide by a microbiological method using an eremothecium ashbyii culture
373-380 Leibson L.G., Plisetskaia E.M., Ogorodnikova L.G.
Blood phosphate concentrations in chick embryos under normal conditions and after insulin administration
380-382 Postupaev V.V.
The effect of previous injections of adrenocorticotropic hormone and adenosine triphosphoric acid on the hexokinase activity of skeletal muscle and heart in hypoxia
383-386 Alimova E.K., Moiseenko N.D.
The isolation of high-molecular isomeric fatty acids from cow's milk and whale oil using urea
386-393 Dudchik G.Kh.
The blood and urine ammonia and glutamine content in children with pulmonary tuberculosis
393-397 Gomazkov O.A.
On the mechanism of action of tetracycline antibiotics
398-403 Luganova I.S., Seits I.F.
Glycogen synthesis in human thrombocytes with uridine diphosphate glucose participation
403-410 Tatarinov Iu.S., Afanaseva A.V., Parfenova L.F.
On the development of the serum proteins in human ontogenesis
411-414 Byvshuk N.S.
Comparative study of glycogen content changes in the liver and skeletal muscles under the influence of adrenaline and noradrenaline
414-418 Chaushu E., Torzhesku V., Kalota M., Pyrvu D., Paraskiv D., Antoniade M.
Ornithine-carbamyl transferase and benzidine oxidase in epidemic hepatitis
418-421 Bozhko A.P.
Carbohydrate metabolism in the myocardium after partial resection of the left ventricle
421-425 Pozdniakov O.M.
Changes in the activity of various oxidoreductases during the process of carcinogenesis in muscles with different metabolic patterns
426-429 Bulatskii N.P., Levitskii A.P.
An extraction-bichromate micromethod for the determination of lipase activity
429-434 Efimova G.V., Markovich A.V.
Determination of griseofulvin and 6-demethylgriseofulvin in urine by a spectrophotometric method
434-435 Bichin L.P.
A simple automatic apparatus for collection of fractions at low temperature
436-440 Mazurov V.I., Orekhovich V.N.
Changes in the nucleotide composition of total fibroblast rna during the process of connective tissue regeneration
441-442 Gefter Iu.M.
In memory of prof. V.S. Sadikov (on the 20th anniversary of his death)
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